Adults who appreciate campfires, alcoholic beverages and spending time with family & friends will thoroughly enjoy the Beer Caramelizer. This tool will allow you to ex-beer-iment with drinks for all ages.


The Beer Caramelizer was inspired by a centuries old tradition of heating cocktails with a hot poker. Most common, is The Flip, prepared by placing a hot rod in a mixture of spirits, beer and sugar.


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[1] start a campfire

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[2] heat tip in the campfire until it glows red

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[3] dip the red hot tip into your beer or drink of choice for 1-3 seconds
Experiment with different beers, cocktails and even hot chocolate

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[4] cheers, enjoy and do it all over again with a different beer


A tasty new flavor experience. The gumdrop shaped tip introduces just enough heat to cause a reaction with the sugars in the beverage to create a richer and smoother take of the original variety. It’s an experience. It’s interesting, it’s entertaining and it tastes good. (fun, fascinating, cool) It’s the alcohol version of roasting marshmallows.