1571F Expansion Pack

1571F Expansion Pack


1571°F is the average campfire temperature, but our Campfire Master Tools are definitely not average. Chiseled from solid stainless steel to endure nature’s elements, this hardy set of interchangeable fire tending attachments is designed to handle all your campfire needs

The 1571°F Expansion Pack Includes:

  • 12” Extender Rod

  • Fire Poker Tip - To hook, roll and adjust logs

  • Roaster Tip - Perfect for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

  • Leather Glove - To Protect your hand from the heat of the fire and easily change tips

  • Canvas Bag - Used to carry and store all the pieces and parts in one convenient place


  • Both tips work conjunction with the Beer Caramelizer

  • Food grade safe stainless steel

  • Dishwasher safe

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