1571F Beer Caramelizer - 10 Pack

1571F Beer Caramelizer - 10 Pack


You become the campfire brew-master with the 1571 Fahrenheit [1571F] Beer Caramelizer. A flash of heat from the caramelizer reacts with the sugars in the beverage, creating a richer and smoother taste. Don’t be afraid to "ex-beer-iment!" The caramelizer will transform your campfires and adult beverages into a brand new "ex-beer-ience."

Limit to one 10 pack per order. If additional are needed, please contact us.

The Beer Caramelizer is composed of 3 separate parts that screw together:

  • our exclusive 1571F™ lightweight, sturdy, wooden beer tap handle that is interchangeable with your favorite beer tap handle

  • a rod extension to maintain a comfortable distance from the heat of the fire

  • our gumdrop shaped caramelizing tip engineered for the perfect amount of heat to react with the sugars for a richer and smoother taste.

    **The rod and tip are crafted from high quality stainless steel for a weather resistant, durable, easy to clean, and food grade safe.

The Caramelizer is a perfect gift for:

  • Beer lovers

  • Cocktail connoisseurs

  • Outdoor enthusiasts

  • Recreational campers

  • Home brewers

  • Beer tap handle collectors

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