Top 5 Trendiest Groomsmen Gifts of 2019:


Seating arrangements, wedding invitations, and so much more will keep you constantly stressed throughout the planning of your wedding. However, there are a couple of things that are much more enjoyable, such as finding the perfect thank-you gift to give your groomsmen! This group has been with you though so much, and have probably helped you get to this point.

However, there are just so many cool groomsman gift ideas. How are you suppose to pick just one that’ll be perfect for your group? You’ll want something that they’ll use, but still have it be fun. Not too expensive, without coming off as cheap. It’s a fine balance that you need to walk, but we have ten ideas for the perfect groomsman gift for you.


1. Customized Sandal Wood Watch

What groomsmen wouldn’t want this watch? Made from real sandalwood with a genuine leather strap, it’s the perfect.timepiece. On top of all that, you’re able to leave a custom message for your groomsmen on the back of the watch so they’ll remember this experience forever.

  • 45mm diameter watch

  • Packaged in varying cases, ready for gifting

  • Features Japanese Quartz internally

Swanky Badger ,Customized Classic Watch, $69.99

2. Personalized Beer Mug

Over the time that you’ve known your groomsmen, more than a few beers have been shared. That makes this personalized beer mug practical and something you know will be a hit. Add your own short message to be etched onto the mug, and you’re ready to go!

  • 25 oz. Glass Beer Mug

  • No additional cost to have it personalized

  • Made in the USA

GroomsShop, Personalized Beer Mug, $23.99


3. 1571F° Beer Caramelizer

This is a super unique and affordable groomsmen gift that will be the talk of the party. The beer caramelizer is a stainless steel rod that is used to transform the flavor of your beer around the campfire.

  • FDA approved stainless steel rod

  • Interchangeable handle that can be replaced with your favorite beer topper

1571F, Beer Caramelizer, $34.99

4. Copper Money Clip

Lets be honest, no one really enjoys carrying around their large wallet. Money clips are the way to go, and these custom money clips will allow your groomsmen to remember this experience every time they pull this out.

  • Each money clip measures approximately 1 3/4" x 1 1/8"

  • 100% handmade in the USA

Etsy, Customized Copper Money Clip, $25,00


5. Whiskey Barrel

We like alcohol, so we figure you and your groomsmen do too! Personalize this mini whisky barrel, and give each groomsmen the two bottles of Old No. 7 it can hold!

  • Capacity 1500ml (2 bottles of Old No.7)

  • Stands & spigot included

  • Good for whiskey, wine & beer

All Things Etching, Personalized Whisky Barrel, $49.00

Kim Nimsgern