Will this thing make my beer warm?

NO, it doesn't make your beer warm; no one would want that! When you start with a cold beer and red-hot caramelizer tip (as the directions indicate), the flash heat reacts with sugars within a few seconds (3- 5 second). Yes, it does change the flavor. It creates a smoother flavor that our customers and focus group participants preferred 9 out of 10 times over the non caramelized version. Think of marshmallows. They taste one way when fresh from the bag and completely different once roasted over the fire. Both yummy but different. The same is true with caramelizing beer - both tasty but different.


How do I clean my Caramelizer?

Be sure to un-screw each component to wash individually with warm water and soap. The high quality stainless steel is also dishwasher safe, but do not put the wooden handle in the dishwasher.

*You may notice over time that the tip of your Caramelizer will get darker in color, a trick to get it back to its shiny look is using a Mr. Clean-Magic Eraser!


What kind of cup should I use?

Glass, metal, and ceramic cups are the best option when using the Caramelizer. Plastic or styrofoam cups can also be used with some caution.


How do I use the Caramelizer when it's hot?

The Caramelizer will get very hot. Treat it with extreme care, just like you would with any other item you use in the campfire. Do not touch the stainless steel, only use the wooden handle to remove it from the fire and to dip in your drink.


What drinks do you recommend I caramelize?

The Caramelizer works best with dark beers, ales, and ciders are also fun to experiment with! Non-alcoholic drinks such as hot chocolate and apple cider are great to caramelize too, you can keep the tip in for 5-10 seconds to warm your drink up to taste.


How long Do I heat the Caramelizer in the fire?

To achieve a great temperature for the Caramelizer, we recommend nestling the tip in the fire for about 5 minutes. This will bring the Caramelizer to a temperature of about 1571° F.

[Fact] the average temperature of the center of a campfire is 1571° F.