The inception of the idea came when Forrest, had his beer "poked" with a hot poker at a beer festival and, he liked it. Being both a chemist and beer enthusiast, Forrest was fascinated with the science of it all. Logically, research was his next step. So, he engineered a rod that he could heat in the coals of a fire, with just the right surface area to quickly caramelize the sugars in the alcohol without warming a cold drink. And then, the ex-beer-imenting began. Friends and family were curious to sample favorite beers and campfire cocktails. The results were intriguing, and the process was undeniably fun.  

While the concept of plunging a hot poker into an alcoholic beverage was quite common back in the colonial era, it is largely unknown in the modern-day. However, with the significant growth in craft beers, the comeback of camping and the popularity of outdoor living spaces that include backyard fire pits, Kim Nimsgern, the CEO of Casual Panache, realized the potential of the Beer Caramelizer and wanted to bring the concept to retail.

After a year of research and development, the 1571°F Beer Caramelizer was introduced to the Chippewa Valley on March 18th, 2018.  The Beer Caramelizer  received some stellar recognition and approval from a few high profile beer and life style experts including Urban Daddy and the Beer Guys.